Karbonis LLC, dynamically developing company

Own manufacturing base


Karbonis LLC is dynamically developing start-up
company that unites active and highly-trained
specialists, inspired to develop company business
activity considering market environment factors
and maintain high business, social and moral

As legal entity, Karbonis was officially registered in
28 July 2014, but our business activity has begun
long before that date. Our company is one of the
leading charcoal producers and exporters in
Western Ukraine by now.


We constantly aspire to improve product quality,
modernize and increase production capacity.
The fact, that the company has own manufacturing
base, enables us to control raw materials procurement,
technology, packing and shipping processes and
secure high quality and timely delivery of goods to our
customers at a reasonable price.

We use our own lab facilities to control all charcoal key
quality indicators, including moisture, carbon and
volatile matter content.

Company certificates

Environmental factor

Our activity complies with the principles of Forest Stewardship Council and involves the promotion
of eco-friendly, socially beneficial and economically
sustainable forest management in the world.



Our production is environment-friendly, with zero
level of polluting emissions and ecologicallyharmful
waste. The inner structure of our charcoal kilns facilitates
the burning of harmful substance-containing steam
and gas with carbon dioxide and water as the only
byproducts during the process.

Charcoal production process


Wood procurement as part of improvement cutting effort

Wood transportation to
production facilities

Charcoal production
and packing

Charcoal delivery to

Using of ecologically-clean